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We are a church of young families which means there are lots of amazing and energetic kids! We always need loving, patient people who are willing to invest in little ones for the kingdom. 


Our commitment to you is to never ask you to serve more than twice a month. The lessons are completely made for you upon arrival and we always let you shadow another teacher the first couple times your scheduled. 


We do require background checks on all our volunteers who work in Riverstone Vineyard Kids to be above board and ensure we are creating safe atmospheres for our kids. 


Love on our community by creating a welcoming atmosphere. 

Hospitality includes greeting people who come to our services or brewing coffee and getting communion ready for our community. 


This role is for those who love to host and create welcoming atmospheres. If you have a background in coffee that's wonderful but not required! All that's required is a heart that gets Joy out of serving others. 


We will only ask you to serve twice a month at most and will schedule you the first couple times to shadow another volunteer to show you the ropes! 



Worship is a huge part of our community. We believe THE ENTIRE CHRISTIAN LIFE is motivated by one thing: Adoration and Gratitude in response to who God is. 


So worship is the life of the Christian.


Music is a part of that in our services. Once you volunteer we would do a small audition where we give you a few songs to practice and meet up to hear you play. Our goal is to pursue excellence in music so as not to distract from the real goal: stirring our affections for Jesus. 


Serve behind the scenes making our services effective and excellent.


Tech teams help all the behind the scenes of our worship services flow seamlessly to create an conducive atmosphere that doesn't distract or detract from the point. 


A little background in audio or computer knowledge is great but not required. The first couple times you're scheduled you'll be shadowing another volunteer to learn the ropes. If at all possible, we will only ask you to serve twice a month at most! 

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