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The Team

Chris Westbrook

Lead Teaching Pastor

Nickname: The original Karate Kid

Childhood Hero: Wolverine 

Favorite things: Rock climbing, Snowboarding, Martial Arts, Photography 

2012- Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors in Middle Grades Education, Georgia State University.

Chris has been a Worship Leader and Bible Teacher for more than 15 years. He also owned and operated a photography company before coming on full time staff at Riverstone. 

Our lead pastor, Chris Westbrook.


Matt Satterfield 

Worship Leader & CR Ministry Leader

Matt’s been leading  worship for decades. Despite this picture making him look like a Gypsy pirate, he’s a pretty legit dude.

Anna Vibert 

Kids Pastor

Profession: Stay-at-home-mom-extraodinaire

Favorite things: The Public Library System, all things            Winnie the Pooh, Horse, Dance

Graduated: Piedmont College, bachelors in Early  Childhood Education

Anna met her husband in Sunday school when she was 8… so now she’s in the business of future match-ups. (JUST KIDDING) She also had a quarter horse who was the ‘absolute love of her life for 7 wonderful years’ She then noted he was probably the reason she never had a boyfriend till she was 22.


Kayla Holcombe

Women's Ministry

Kayla has a passion for discipleship and Bible study. When she is not homeschooling her 3 kids you can find Kayla gardening or leading small group studies through formational texts and curriculums.  

Youth Team

Youth Team Leaders & Coordinator 

Our Youth team coordinates monthly events and weekly bible studies to encourage our middle through high students.



Scott Westbrook

Founding Pastor Emeritus 

Nickname: The original hipster.


Childhood Hero: Superman, A.K.A Man of Steel 

Favorite things: Kids & Grandkids, Nature Photography, Jeeping & Fly-Fishing. 


Scott has been in Ministry since 1972 serving as a Pastor, Youth Pastor & Bible Teacher, Christian Musician, and Chaplain. In July 1991 he planted the Gwinnett Vineyard Church with a group of friends. The Gwinnett Vineyard changed it's name to Riverstone Church upon moving to it’s present location.

1977- Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Religion,  Mercer University, Atlanta. 

1986- Graduated with a Masters of Divinity, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth Texas.

Our founding pastor Scott Westbrook


Our Elder Board consist of mature disciples of Jesus who help us make value based decisions for the flourishing of our people and the effective execution of our mission. These fine folks help keep our leadership spiritually accountable to their duties and roles. They also Serve our people giving pastoral council and prayer and we are so thankful for their wisdom and input. 

Finance Team

This team overlaps with our elders in part- but they are tasked with keeping our finances above board and on track in impact and effectiveness. They have full access to all our books and oversee annual audits along with other initiatives aiming at financial accountability and health.

Lay Council

This team meet's quarterly to answer this question: How do we know what we are doing- Is actually DOING the thing we THINK it's doing? In other words, they help keep us on Mission and moving towards our goal in practical ways.  We brainstorm, we assess, we pray.

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