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You could say we're pretty casual about church membership.

We joke that 'If you keep coming back, I guess you're in!'

Even though membership can feel casual, we know it's always important to clarify expectations. We've laid out some pretty simple hopes for people who would call Riverstone Vineyard 'Home'.

You want to grow in your relationship with Jesus. 

We always want to refuse to simply coast in our pursuit of Jesus. This means we will continually call you to take the next step, no matter where you might find yourself in your walk with God. We try to give ample opportunities for this, but at the end of the day, it's up to you. Membership means you're serious about taking the next step. 

You're not sitting on the sidelines.

The difference between membership and 'just-checking-it-out' is pulling a chair up to the kitchen table, getting in on the discussion, and even helping with the dishes when we're done :) If you're a member, the expectation is that you are shouldering up beside us and helping us push forward what God has called us to do; it means you aren't a consumer any more, but a contributor. You're not just benefiting, but investing. This might look like: volunteering with our Kids Ministry, helping lead a small group, or helping us facilitate other aspects of our Services, and to be financially giving to help us achieve and sustain our mission and vision as a church body. 



Delighting in God is the only legitimate Fuel for all Christian activity.  We love, because we've seen His love. We give because He's been given to us. If we miss this, we miss everything.


Jesus had a goal. So we do, too. 

Until we are on Mission with Him we’re just a consumer. 


You will not be able to live out your faith in isolation. It's literally impossible. Jump in. Be known. 


The reality is that you are being formed; the question is: what are you letting form you


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