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Hey Church! Thank you to everyone that came to the last members meeting! For those who missed it, take a few minutes to read and celebrate what's going on in your church, and what God is doing.


Thank you for giving generously to your church!


Because of your generosity, our church has been able to commit more money to international missions, and support missionaries like the Duckett Family. The Duckett's just celebrated their 1-year anniversary of living in Japan. They are passionate about sharing the love of Christ with the Japanese people, and they are grateful for your support.




We had 30-40 people show up every week this summer! They explored faith, had honest conversations, and heard the Gospel.

THANK YOU to all of you who made food, helped setup, hosted conversations, and prayed for the people looking for answers.

We don't know what the next session of Alpha looks like, or when it will be. However, we want it to be on a steady rotation in our church.

We believe that discipleship is a part of a healthy diet for every believer. Along with Alpha, we want to provide as many opportunities for you to grow in your faith, build close relationships, and to not do life alone.

We're now offering 2 different types of Groups this fall! 

Groups will focus on spiritual formation and discipleship. Some groups might discuss the sermon, pray, or go through a book together. The emphasis of these groups are intentional spiritual growth.

Life Groups are really low stakes groups that can center around anything? Like to hike? Great, grab 5 people and go once a month. These are also groups that make it easy for you to invite people that don't normally go to church, but allow you the opportunity to grow meaningful relationships.
One of the new groups we're really excited about is Next Steps

Next Steps is a weekly class meeting on Wednesday night, for people who want to grow in their faith, who find the Bible is difficult to understand, or just want to learn more! If this is you, please register online!
We are launching a MENTORSHIP PROGRAM! 

We want to create opportunities for people to get HIGHLY INTENTIONAL about spiritual growth. So we are offering mentorship where you can team up with someone who cares about your growth and will meet with you 1-3 times a month to encourage you and challenge you in your discipleship to JESUS. 
One year commitments. 
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As you all know, Scott has been transitioning into full-time real estate. He has now been released from all responsibilities at the church and can concentrate fully on helping people find their next home. He officially retired from ministry at the end of 2023.

If you see him around, give him a huge hug and thank him for all he's done for us. He started this church a long time ago and has worked tirelessly to get us to where we are now. Make sure he feels loved as he moves on to his next adventure. We love you Scott!

With Scott moving into real estate, we have a ton of gaps to fill around the church. Thankfully, we've had some amazing people step up to help us out.


Liz has graciously taken up the role of Hospitality Volunteer Coordinator. Liz is now helping with scheduling and coordinating volunteers for the greeters,  prayer and communion teams. If you're interested in volunteering or have questions - talk to Liz!


Anna Kulp has stepped up and is now our Coffee Czar! She's making sure that the cafe is serving up coffee every week, and making sure your caffeine habit is well fed. Thank you Anna!


Sara is helping in an Admin Assistant role a few hours a week. She will help Chris keep things moving and making sure things don't fall through the cracks.


Robyn has stepped into the role of our church Accountant. She's going to make sure our books are healthy and accountable with our finance team. We are so thankful for her willingness to take on such a monumental task!


Amy has been answering our church phone for quite a while now. She's on the frontlines when people call and want to talk to someone at the church - even if 95% of those calls are telemarketers.


We thanked Davida and her team for leading the youth group and announced our hopes to hire a part time youth pastor in 2024.


David Price-Williams has stepped up on the transitional phase to lead the youth group, looking ahead to hiring a new youth pastor. 

We baptized around 25 people in 2023. 


As we continue to ask 'What would church look like if it wasn't just about us?' and turn our church outward to seek and save the lost- We've made it our goal to baptize 50 people in 2024.
That means our heart for our members is that they are routinely praying for those around them who do not know Jesus and willing to invite them to events and Sunday mornings. Jesus was on Mission so we want to be on mission. 


We'll be doing our yearly Men's Retreat in the mountains of North Carolina this year. We'll be joining other men from Vineyard churches around the Southeast for worship, prayer, and community. We hope you can make it! Register today!


Lastly, we just want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for being a part of this church. Thank you for volunteering, investing your time, investing your money, and investing into The Kingdom. We could not do this without you.

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