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We believe we should be on mission because Jesus was on mission.

We take an exit ramp away from Jesus when we turn our Christian life inward to be only about us and our family, our wants, our preferences. Jesus' way was one of selfless living, therefore the call is to leverage our life and resources for something greater than ourselves. Our conviction is no matter how insignificant you may think your life is, YOU HAVE INFLUENCE- in your family, in your workplace, amongst your friends. What we do with that influence may be the most revealing thing about our hearts.

More than that, we believe that everybody gets to play in the Kingdom because it's not about our strength or talents- but because God fills us with his Kingdom Power. In the book of Acts, Luke (its Author) wants you to see a clear connection between the ministry of Jesus with the ministry of His disciples after Him. We see his disciples doing the exact same work Jesus was doing in the exact same power.

You may be tempted to believe that your life doesn't matter but that's a bold face lie.

Our culture would tell us we are here to be served- Christ came to serve us and show us that true life is on the other side of self-less living. Therefore, Gospel-centered, Holy Spirit-empowered service to others is a necessary ingredient for spiritual growth.

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