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Expressing God's Heart through prayer

In this webinar we will cover

At the end of every service we make time for prayer. 

Our Prayer ministry team serves communion, then stands to either side of the stage praying and waiting to minister to those who might want prayer.

Below is the audio of a prayer training that was held in March of 2023. In it you'll hear a conversation on framework & theology for praying for others. 

How can we pray for you?
Prayer Training Riverstone Vineyard Church
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Video Referenced in training.

ROOTS: John Wimbers Testimony

A must see to understand our approach to prayer ministry 


Other helpful resources 

 ""The Holy Spirit gives us the power of God to work in the mission of God, and we can’t do what we’re called to do without the power, infilling, and inspiration of the Holy Spirit!"

  Candy and Joshua Brown about the historically contentious relationship between the scientific and faith communities, and the ways in which they are working to overcome the unhealthy perspectives on both sides to document the miraculous. Candy and Joshua share about their experiences documenting the healing of people who are deaf and blind in Mozambique, their process of gathering empirical evidence to write peer-reviewed scientific articles, and the work they do at the Global Medical Research Institute.

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